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Many industrial companies have implemented safety improvement programs. Yet after several years of efforts and senior management engagement on the issue, results continue to disappoint. Perhaps you have employed excellent, well qualified safety managers and put in place best safety management practices. Have they given the results you expect?

In an industrial or other high-risk environment, safety provides a window into leadership performance and employees’ real engagement. When visiting a factory, an experienced industrial manager can see what the standard of safety is within a few minutes. The standard of safety management is highly correlated with the overall standard of management and in particular the way in which managers and employs engage.

How we can help with safety leadership

We help clients use safety to drive employee engagement and alignment. This starts with ensuring the management team is visibly aligned around a common safety vision. We then help you to get the whole workforce engaged in moving towards this vision. By mentoring your own safety experts and high potentials within the workforce we ensure you have the capability not just to start the safety journey but to see it through and realise your vision.

Global supply chain ecosystems have been among the hardest hit sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are looking to build resilience in their supply chain and build capacity to respond rapidly to future consumer needs and more frequent Black Swan events.
However, rapid geopolitical political developments, a shift towards consumers buying niche products, now, an emerging climate crisis, and global pandemics have revealed the weakness and risks that lie at the heart of the global supply chain model that so many companies have built.

How we can help with supply chain reconfiguration.

We help clients ensure that their supply chain meets the needs of their Customers today and in the future. This starts with ensuring the Leadership team has alignment on the part that supply chain contributes as an enabler to customer needs and business the model vision. We then help you to get the whole workforce engaged in moving towards this vision. By mentoring your own supply chain experts and high potentials within the workforce we ensure you have the capability to make your supply chain more resilient and able to realise your vision.

Blitzscaling is the art and science of building a company extremely rapidly (<100% p.a.) to serve the global market with the goal of having the first-mover advantage at scale. BlitzScaling was a term first used by Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Companies entering this period of extreme growth need to manage human and cash capital to propel this growth while making the necessary mechanical adjustments to the “rocket ship” to keep it from flying apart as it accelerates.
Blitzscaling often calls for prioritizing speed over profits, but the more important question to consider is: when and why blitzscale? The purpose of blitzscaling is to achieve enduring market leadership in winner-take-most markets where reaching critical scale brings lasting competitive advantage.

How we can help

WhitewaterTX has developed unique skills and tools to be able to support Operational BlitzScaling.  Historically extreme growth hs been associated with software driven organisations – Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Salesforce Dotcom etc.  We have focused on supporting organisations who need to scale up supply chain and distribution of ‘real-world products’ as BlitzScaling speed.  This includes designing the full enterprise in ways to meet exploding demand without sbeing slowed down by bottlenecks, inventory supply issues on a global scale.
Our industry Experts have been-there-done-that with organisations exceeding 100% growth needing to develop full supply chains at speed.

Despite high valuations, there is a great deal of mergers and acquisitions going on. Companies are making acquisitions to enable entry into new businesses as well as to strengthen their existing ones. Market leaders can use their economies of scale and network effects to create greater value and challengers can put together a portfolio that has potential synergies. However, many mergers and acquisitions do not create value.

There are many reasons that mergers fail to live up to expectations, here are the three we see most commonly. First is lack of attention to how to create an effective new culture from the people and cultures of the legacy organisations. Second is inadequate emphasis on the opportunity for revenue synergies. Third is lack of clarity and alignment of purpose in the top team.

How we can help with post-transaction integration

We help clients use mergers and acquisitions to drive transformation across their business. This starts with ensuring the management team is aligned around a common vision of a post-transaction future which uses the combined capabilities of the companies to achieve more than before. We then help you to get the whole workforce engaged in moving towards the vision. We do not bring in teams of consultants, but rather we upskill and mentor your own people so that you have the capability not just to start the journey but to see it through. Our award winning tools and processes allow you to effectively implement across geographies and business lines.

Many organisations are stuck with antiquated business models, old or aging equipment, poor processes that require manual intervention at many points and no data to really understand what really drives better outcomes. “That’s how we have always done it around here” is often what we hear.
Industry 4.0 or The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. It is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), genetic engineering, quantum computing, and more.

How we can help with your 4.0 Journey

Our team have been on the front line with clients designing and implementing 4.0 solutions, developing IOT devices, upscaling old businesses with simple yet effective solutions and building the bridge between the old and the new.
We are able to quickly identify the low hanging fruit and bring those wins to the P&L and more importantly we educate your teams so they understand where to look, what to do and why its important. If you want meaningful change, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it matters what you do and we help you get started quickly.

Many organisations are making commitments in line with the Science Based Targets for a 1.5 degree future. As the latest IPCC report makes clear we must accelerate our actions to mitigate climate change and reduce GHG emissions. Businesses are weighing short term profit against long term sustainability. We see an opportunity for many companies to reinvent their business in ways that create lasting advantages.

How we can help with climate change response    

We help clients align their executive teams around a future business model that takes advantage of the opportunities that the climate crisis brings as well as addressing the need to mitigate climate change and eliminate GHG emissions. We then help you to get the whole workforce engaged in moving towards the vision. In many organisations the employees have a strong commitment to addressing climate change and welcome action on this with higher levels of engagement and commitment. We do not bring in teams of consultants, but rather we upskill and mentor your own people so that you have the capability not just to start the journey but to see it through. Our award winning tools and processes allow you to effectively implement, harnessing the passion of your people to make a difference to society at large and to build a great business.

We continue to witness companies, industries and countries facing unprecedented change. Black swan events in turn ensure that we are living in an increasingly VUCA world. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the wholescale demise of some industries too. It has also resulted in the emergence of new companies which have capitalized very successfully on the opportunities that have arisen from the current crises. As the world continues to move at a fast pace, we see companies using technology to create new and profitable opportunities. Zoom is a classic example of that. Digital transformation is here to stay and is having a huge impact on businesses.

How we can help

We help companies chart a new future course by making it easier for them to confront the new challenges. By 2025, Europe could see its manufacturing industry increase turnover by 1.25 trillion Euros – but also stands to lose 605 billion Euros if it does not adapt itself in time to the changing digital transformation realities (Roland Berger study). We work on the premis that what enabled companies to get to where they are today may not help them get to where they want to be tomorrow. We bring a scalable SaaS platform and user-friendly AI tools to enable companies to transform themselves at speed to the changing market and environmental realities.

The pressure on corporate boards to raise their game is acute. Many boards today face failure in various forms: the failure to forecast and manage risks, failure to proactively contribute to the firm’s future strategy, failure to identify and put in place the right senior talent, and in some cases, the failure to deal with integrity issues and sometimes outright fraud. Better corporate governance today is required at all levels.

How we can help

Having served and continuing to serve on the boards of large and small companies, many of our experts have a bird’s eye view of where the rubber meets the road. Corporate boards today need to be more engaged, more knowledgeable about key market trends and more effective than in the past. We assist boards to examine and improve their effectiveness by facilitating independent board evaluations.

We help to identify icebergs and remove obstacles below the surface leading to enhanced performance and introducing best practices. We make boards more agile by facilitating access to modern governance tools. We provide honest and no-holds barred feedback on corporate officers and board members.