Who are WhitewaterTX?

Working Together

WhitewaterTx is unusual, probably unique. You get a small team of highly experienced executives with a proven approach and toolkit, tested and refined with more than a hundred clients over two decades. We deliver:

•      Your Single Point of Truth (SPoT) as the objective shared by your executive and all your people
•      Alignment and commitment of your people to the SPoT
•      A clear roadmap, agreed with you stage by stage
•      Embedded capability for future transformation

What Differentiates Us

Our approach is quite different from a traditional consulting approach. We are catalysts for change and work with an implementation team of your people. Because they are your people, you retain the benefits of all the training and development that the implementation team gets during the transformation project. Whitewater’s team are all senior executives, and we work with you and your implementation team throughout the project.

In addition, we support the implementation with proven tools. Rather than building a dependency on ongoing support, we leave our tools behind after the project allowing you to “institutionalise” the capability to transform.

WhitewaterTx's purpose is to enable ambitious organisations to succeed beyond their expectations. From experience, we know what factors make the difference between success and failure, so expect us to be provocative and establish clearly defined conditions for success before we start the project. This is one of the key reasons that our success rate is so much higher than the traditional consulting approach.

We are a global alliance of hugely successful former CEOs with extensive real-world experience in implementing sustainable transformations in major organisations.

We use our unrivalled leadership experience and tools to enable transformational leaders to implement their vision and realise desired outcomes at speed ….with a three times higher success rate than other approaches.


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Why choose us to support your transformation?

We achieve 90+% success rate vs less than 30% with other approaches:

  • leveraging the real-world experience of our ex-CxO transformation experts
  • providing training and tools to build a high-performance implementation team composed of the client’s own employees. We upskill and leave our tools behind
  • deploying an integrated system to define objectives, track progress and update plans