WHitewater Tx approach

We partner with:

Boards & C-suites, Private equity, Growth & Impact capital, and  Public sector leaders


We work with the organization in a triangle of Consulting - Interim Management- Coaching fully focused solely on delivering organizational Transformations faster, further, and safer with a 90% success rate among more than 200 cases




Our uniqueness lies in:

A belief that the answers to the company’s future exist among the organization and its people

Along with the Transformation project, we will work along with the Client’s teams training them along in the process and tools. We train the client in Transformation so that they can then manage further Transformation projects on their own. We leave our tools behind


Proven Technology Platforms and Processes

A proven and unique approach mixing technology into our proven methodology. We are able to validate the relevance of the Transformation at any stage through an AI engine software 


Team structure  

We are a global cohort of passionate executives who have all themselves lead Transformations previously

Each client team is composed of a Senior Industry Advisor who is a  senior executive with rich  CxO experience in the specific Industry. Working alongside them is a  Transformation Program Director with extensive experience in implementing projects ensuring the transformation keeps its pace and ambition. Both of them are supported by proprietary project management tools and an AI Platform